Junior AI Scientist

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Type: permanent (Full-time)

Location: County Durham

Salary: £25K-35K

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Junior AI Scientist


Reporting to the Senior AI Scientist, the Junior AI Scientist is responsible for supporting the development and maintenance of Peratech’s existing and future AI solutions.

The Junior AI Scientist is a highly motivated and high performing individual, possessing a broad set of programming skills, with a focus on Python. They will use their coding skills, problem solving abilities and logical mindset to enhance Peratech’s fundamental understanding, capabilities, and product offerings through the development, optimisation and implementation of AI algorithms. In addition, they will participate in wider R&D activity, collaborating with and supporting their colleagues across multi-disciplinary projects to achieve company-wide objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Works individually or within teams to support and accomplish the following:
  • Contributes to develop brand-new AI solutions that align with business needs.
  • Maintains and improves Peratech’s existing AI solutions, through run-time optimisation and feature enhancement.
  • Ensures Peratech’s existing AI workflows run smoothly, searches for potential issues, and corrects errors promptly, when discovered.
  • Optimises models to fit on highly resource constrained hardware, where necessary.
  • Gathers brand-new data sets, which the individual may delegate to other personnel or undertake themselves.
  • Sources pre-trained models and undertakes transfer learning, to significantly reduce AI solution design.
  • Performs data cleansing.
  • Utilises cloud-based infrastructure (Microsoft Azure) for AI training, where necessary.
  • Supports additional AI and R&D tasks as required.

Essential Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Holds a graduate and/or postgraduate degree in a STEM subject or has equivalent STEM experience in the workplace.
  • Practical experience of programming in Python with good understanding of:
  • Mathematical modules Numpy and Scipy.
  • Graphing libraries Matplotlib / Seaborn.
  • Loading and saving data in a variety of file formats (e.g., CSV, pickle).
  • Has some knowledge of AI techniques and frameworks (e.g., Keras, Tensorflow or PyTorch, neural networks), but may not have experience deploying models.
  • Is confident in dealing with a variety of structured and unstructured data.
  • Excellent communication skills: The ability to clearly explain highly technical information to those not of a technical nature.
  • Can balance idealism and pragmatism to achieve the best result for the available timescales, data, and tools available.

Desirable Education, Experience, and Skills

  • Practical experience of solving optimisation problems.
  • Practical experience of implementing AI models to solve problems.
  • Has experience of the scientific method and is able to contribute to discussions at the interface of AI and scientific business development.
  • An understanding of object-oriented programming techniques.
  • Employment Type
  • Full-time, permanent employment
  • The role is predominantly remote but with the expectation of attending our R&D facility (NETPark, Sedgefield, UK) on a fortnightly basis. The specific balance of hybrid working is open for negotiation with the successful candidate and Peratech aims to flexibly accommodate personal circumstances.
  • The successful candidate must have the right to work in the UK from commencement of employment.


£25,000 to £35,000 pa depending on experience.

Key Attributes We're Looking For

  • Holds oneself accountable for completing the work that achieves our objectives
  • Communicates with candour and poise
  • Has a passion for innovating, problem-solving and continuously improving
  • Is a competent contributor, motivator, and problem-solver in brainstorming and synthesizing solutions with various teams, spanning the globe
  • Learns from the past quickly, manage mistakes, recovers fast, and helps others do the same
  • Manages assumptions about ideas, people, and what we think we know and don't know
  • Above all, demonstrates respect for everyone and values others for who they are and what they can contribute

About Peratech

Peratech is a pressure-sensing technology solutions company that provides next-generation touch and haptics solutions to some of the most exciting and innovative companies in automotive, industrial, musical instrument, electronic appliance, and consumer electronics markets.

Our force sensing technology sits at the crossroads of physics and chemistry, requiring a balance of clever thinking and problem-solving in materials science, mechanical and electronics engineering to take full advantage of its properties.

We are a small team of passionate technologists, engineers, scientists, and problem solvers looking for the best fellow teammates to help make our company a great success. We are an equal opportunity employer that believes the best people come from all walks of life all over the world.

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