Our Vision

A key outcome of our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Vision is a belief internally, externally and regionally that Tech Talent Engine is a place that welcomes diversity, where anyone with talent can thrive. This includes supporting the success of our colleagues, clients, stakeholders and the community.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in this project is led by a team of talented, enthusiastic experts, we work in close partnership with employers, education providers, colleagues, clients and members across Dynamo, the sector and the region.

We also engage with partners with specific expertise to support and stretch our activity. Together we are creating the foundations for future success.

Our objectives

  • To focus on inclusion to build our culture and reputation as a place that attracts, retains and fully engages diverse talent to raise awareness of the need to be inclusive and promote inclusive leadership.
  • To create an environment where we have effective and skills leaders taking individual responsibility to help deliver and drive our ambition in relation to diversity and inclusion.
  • To ensure that inclusivity and diversity are woven through all of our project enabling everyone to engage with the diversity and inclusion agenda to allow us all to make progress.
  • To explore way we can increase representation of under represented groups across the Talent Engine and support recruitment practices to help ensure our local community can access opportunities.
  • To prioritise objectives for diversity strands where theres noticeable under- representation such as ethnically divers at senior levels and disability across all grade profiles , while remaining committed to tackling under- representation across all other areas including age, gender, identity and expression, faith and belief and socio-economic background.
  • To develop our monitoring to specifically meet our needs and be capable of being bench marked against our service data.
  • To make sure the progress we make can be evidenced, matches the scale, ambition and pace of change requires across the Talent pipeline and employment opportunities within the EDI framework.
  • Seek to improve the completion and transparency of diversity data and use it to inform strategy focusing across all areas of the employment lifecycle (for example, recruitment, promotion, appraisal outcomes, gender pay gap).

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