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If you're an employer, Tech Talent Engine can help you promote your brand, reach new talent, and gain insights into the North East's fast moving tech sector.

Struggling to reach quality talent?

As an employer in the digital sector, growth is inevitable. However, finding good quality candidates that tick every box is extremely difficult.

If you’re an employer that is looking to upscale your business, we can help you promote your brand, reach new talent, and gain insights into the North East's fast-moving tech sector.

From interviewing techniques to internal upskilling and training, we will help you to improve retention numbers and reach the best possible candidates.

You don't have to suffer in silence anymore - our team of experts will work alongside you to develop your strategy and improve the visibility of your brand.

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Supercharge your hiring strategy

High quality applications

High quality applications

Better reach - we will help you target your applications to a specific audience, saving time and improving efficiency.

High quality applications

Effective job adverts - learn how to write powerful job adverts that sell your business better and make applicants desperate to work with you.

High quality applications

1-to-1 business support.

Find the right talent for your business

Find the right talent for your business

Refined interview process - ask the right questions to receive the answers you want to know.

Find the right talent for your business

Brand awareness - improve visibility to your brand.

Access support from experts

Hi, I’m Caroline!

I’m the Business Development Executive at Tech Talent Engine. I work with businesses in the North East to help them navigate their recruitment and staffing issues.

To help maximise growth, I connect them with the programmes and people they need to grow and develop.

Whether you'd like to know more about Tech Talent Engine, the support we offer to employer's or simply have a chat, my door is always open.

Simply email us at and I will be in touch shortly.

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Our mentoring programme allows you to connect with mentees in your own terms. Whether a zoom meeting once a month or a cup of coffee every week, commitment is up to you.

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Find out more about the regular events that we run to connect employers and talent across the region.

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