Employer of the Month

The North East is filled with great organisations doing great things. Each month, we award an 'employer of the month.' Find out more, including how you can qualify.

What is Employer of the Month?

Originating from an idea to promote the latest talent in the region, Employer of the Month is a monthly feature that highlights the local employers that are contributing to the growth of the North East.

Each month, we select a range of organisations and rank them based on select criteria, including:

  • Contribution to the North East tech sector
  • Opportunities for staff, i.e. CPD training and upskilling
  • Staff wellbeing and perks
  • Facilities and technology
  • Staff progression opportunities

What makes a great employer?

Opportunities for CPD & Training

Perks and benefits

Flexible working

Show that you care

Being a great employer doesn't just mean buying pizzas every Friday...

It's the overall satisfaction within the workplace, well-being and opportunities for growth.

At its core, a great employer understands the importance of fair compensation and benefits. They offer competitive packages that reflect employees' skills and contributions, ensuring their hard work is duly recognised.

Ultimately, a great employer inspires their team through exemplary leadership and a sense of purpose.

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