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Two minds are better than one, especially in the digital world. Pair up with an expert in the field and get a mentor to help you navigate the current climate, your skill set and how to secure a career in tech.

What is a mentor?

  • A mentor is an assigned person of expertise who offers support and guidance.

It could be that you want to pursue part time study but don’t know the steps to get there or who to approach. A mentor helps to give advice and support during these tricky times.

But how do I know they're going to be the right mentor for me?

Our mentoring programme doesn't just pair you up with anyone. We select a mentor who is best suited to you, your skillset and your digital direction. It's the best way to gain insight knowledge into the field, as well as access personal advice and support.

3 benefits of having a mentor


The tech sector can be intimidating. A mentor will provide support during tricky times such as before an interview, writing a CV or understanding your direction.


Everyone has bad days. A mentor will help to give you confidence in your own abilities and offer praise and reassurance when you're unsure.


We'll pair you up with a mentor that has similar interests to you. That way, you can learn from an expert in the field and understand the steps to get there.

How does it work?

If you’re interested in mentorship, then great news. You will be able to pair up with a mentor of your choice in no time.

Anyone is eligible for our mentorship programme. There's no obligation to follow a structure, you get to decide how often you meet and where.

The first step is to fill in the form below to register your interest. Once we have received your details, we’ll support you to find the right match.

Keep an eye out for any upcoming events to stay up to date.

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