Intogames is on a mission to build the next generation of games industry superstars.

About intogames

Intogames is on a mission to create a fair and equitable pathway to skill development and career progression for the games and immersive industries. They work to remove barriers to entry and provide practical guidance and industry connections at the right moment and place for anyone, no matter their background or circumstance.

They have a vision for a seamlessly connected and highly accessible pipeline into the games and immersive industries from any point in your career or educational journey.

Work alongside the industry's finest

Work alongside the industry's finest

Designed and delivered by industry. You'll get an unrivalled look into their workflows, idea generation & techniques without any recorded videos to watch.

Practical for everyone

Practical for everyone

Just like in a real studio environment, you'll be working with peers on a practical brief, iterating and growing as an individual and a team.

Practical for everyone

As a non-profit organisation, all course fees are subsidised by the UK games sector, and never charge more than needed.

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