GigPig is a platform for booking gigs, securing gigs and streamlining the payment process. Designed and built by musicians, it aims to make the industry safer and fairer.

About GigPig

GigPig aims to democratise the music industry by streamlining the booking and payment process.

Aimed to make the industry fairer for artists and promoters, it centralises the independent artist market.

With thousands of artists and venues on the platform, it aims to remove the barriers and uncertainty to booking gigs.

The GigPig team all have a passion for music, from Djing to bands or even just being a prolific gig-goer. This passion encompasses everything they do, ensuring they continue to support the music industry in the region.

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Committed to diversity & inclusion

Built for purpose

GigPig increases the average pay per gig for artists and reduces overheads for venues; a win-win for all involved.

As an ethical employer, ambitions and goals are important. The team have a great work ethic, an understanding of discipline and a passion to succeed.

Over the next few years, they have huge ambitions to expand and scale the business. To sustain this growth, they are looking for people to join the team to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

As an equal opportunities employer, they are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and welcome all members of the community to apply for roles.

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