Global Teacher

Global Teacher Charity holds the belief that access to high-quality education represents the pivotal factor in unleashing the potential within future leaders. They seek to empower one million marginalised students across the globe.

About Global Teacher

Sunderland is undergoing a revival. Global Teacher aims to give the city something it can be proud of and build Pod in the heart of this great manufacturing city.

Access to education should be a basic human right, yet 1 billion people worldwide lack electricity and 50% of schools have no internet access.

Meet Pod, the world's first, 3D-printed solar-powered, smart classroom projector. Pod’s mission is to give 1 million marginalised students access to quality education. With Pod, access to educational content is never a concern.

Billion without electricity

Schools without internet

Adults are illiterate

Future Education

Global Teacher Charity holds a firm conviction that the gateway to unleashing the potential of future leaders lies in unfettered access to quality education.

Their overarching objective revolves around empowering one million marginalised students across the globe. This empowerment is realised through the provision of entry to their pioneering off-grid education platform, known as Pod & Lumi.

Individuals are cordially invited to unite with them in their transformative endeavour to reshape the world through the power of education.

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