IT Helpdesk Engineer

IT Helpdesk Engineer

An IT Helpdesk Engineer is responsible for providing both simple and technical fixes to faults logged by users. They may work internally as part of an in-house IT team or externally as part of a managed service provider. Depending on the size of team and the systems being supported this role may involve providing first line support to fix simple system faults through to providing complex solutions via a second- or third-line role.

Tickets and faults may be logged via phone call or virtually so strong communication skills are needed. To succeed in this role requires a high level of problem-solving as well as the ability to multi-task whole often working in a fast paced environment.

Key skills

The technical skills needed for this role will vary but will usually involve a strong knowledge of operating systems and networking.

Latest opportunities

Support Analyst


The Support team at KCS assists customers with queries and problems relating to the KCS application software post implementation.

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IT Helpdesk Engineer FAQs

What is the average salary for an IT helpdesk engineer in the region?

The average salary for an IT helpdesk engineer in the North East in 2022 was £25,900.

What progression opportunities are available from an IT helpdesk engineer role?

If you begin your career in an IT helpdesk engineer role then there are a number of opportunities you could choose to follow to progress your career. You could choose to develop your technical knowledge and progress your skills into a more specialist role such as a network or cloud engineer or you may prefer to stay in a helpdesk environment and progress to a helpdesk manager role.

Do I need a degree for an IT helpdesk engineer role?

Most IT helpdesk engineer roles wont require a degree as an entry requirement and will focus instead on your technical and communication skills as well as your previous experience or understanding of the systems being supported.

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