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Why Your Job Adverts Are Not Working

Struggle to fill vacancies? According to the Digital Skills Audit (2022) more than 70% of employers in the North East found it difficult to fill roles last year.

Why Your Job Adverts Are Not Working


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Let’s set the scene.

A great opportunity comes up in the business to join your team. After one week of the vacancy being online, you blame it on the timing and wait until the end of the month for better results.

Now, a month has gone by and you’re still no closer to finding the perfect candidate.

Don’t worry – you’re certainly not alone.

According to the Digital Skills Audit (2022) more than 70% of employers in the North East found it difficult to fill roles last year.

Although this may be nothing against the reputation of your organisation, it does mean that you need focus more time on your recruitment process, asking yourself questions that were not previously considered.

Is the language you’re using inclusive enough, should you list the salary and what are the benefits of working for you are all common questions.

Let’s discuss a few reasons why your adverts may NOT be working.

1. It’s boring

Firstly, no one wants to read a boring advert.

If it doesn’t engage you within the first minute, then you’ve already lost your reader. Learning how to write effectively to sell is a key skill to have, so consider hiring a copywriter or someone on your team to help you with this.

For example, below is an example of a poorly written advert for a Business Development Executive:

Tech Talent Engine is a jobs platform for people in the North East. We are looking for someone with business experience to fill this role as Business Development Executive. Salary to be discussed.

It’s unclear what they are looking for and immediately puts candidates off by not listing the salary.

Try changing it to:

Tech Talent Engine is a fast-growing online jobs platform for people wanting to secure roles in the North East. If the words creative, driven, and confident ring bell, then we would LOVE to hear from you!

Currently this position is situated between the business and comms team, where you will act as a leader in the tech industry.

The ideal candidate will be a natural people-person, a self-starter and someone who always looks for the WHY behind their decisions. Working in a similar Business Executive role is preferred, however, we are willing to sacrifice experience for the right person.

Salary: £30,000.

This initial description is more inviting, engages the reader and leaves them wanting more. It also avoids any ambiguity around the salary, making it clear who you are looking for.

2. Lack of employee benefits

Competition is the biggest challenge to employers. If you can’t list the benefits of working for you, then a candidate won’t pay much attention to the advert.

Some examples of employee benefits include flexible working, company laptop, discounts, free parking, leave entitlement and pension schemes.

If you haven’t considered it already, remote working is increasingly becoming a favoured options for candidates, with many choosing flexibility over salary. Is this something your company could endorse?

Even if you can’t compete with other companies, make sure to shout about the great things you do offer.

For example,

Why join Tech Talent Engine?

Community is at the heart of Tech Talent Engine and we care deeply about our impact. We want to be known for making a difference in the North East. As we’re writing our next chapter, we want to invite more people to be a part of it.

At Tech Talent Engine, we pride ourselves in being able to offer an extensive benefits package to anyone in the business. This includes 25 days holiday (including bank holidays), competitive salary and yearly bonus, flexible working, Basic Bupa health insurance and dental care, discounts off major high street stores and restaurants, as well as cycle to work scheme.

If you would like to be a part of our story, then we encourage you to submit your application today!

3. Complicated language and jargon

Although it might make sense to you, those who are new to the sector may require simpler terminology.

Using the right terminology is essential, however, it should be explained in a way that is easy to read. It’s very easy to intimidate the reader, so the first priority is to ask yourself, is this advert easy to read?

4. Application process

From the minute a candidate applies to the second they get the role, the application process should be clear.

Whether they need to complete a short activity, produce a presentation or there will be several rounds of interviews, staying informed is key.

For neurodiverse candidates, this includes regular updates about the application process, informing them of the next stage.

Consider how many other employers you are competing against. If you can clearly explain the process in full, it will gain the trust of the candidate.

Similarly, explain if the interview is going to be in-person or via Zoom. That way, candidates can prepare, i.e., arrange transportation to and from your office.

5. Salary is unclear

It may seem smart to avoid mentioning the salary, however, it only adds extra confusion for the reader.

Not only does it limit the reach, but it also makes it harder to find the candidate you want.

It could be that someone with more experience as a Data Scientist applies for the role, having typically earned £45,000. On the other hand, your salary capacity may be £35,000.

This unclear communication wastes time for both people involved and could be easily avoided by listing the realistic salary.

If you are willing to fluctuate the salary dependent on experience, include a large range. For example, £35,000 - £50,000 depending on experience. This explains the clear salary bracket for the role you are advertising.

6. Confusing job title

Job titles help to identify your current experience and skills. However, when you’re just starting out, it may be confusing knowing what you’re qualified for.

For example, Customer Enhancement Consultant is ambiguous and misleading.

For a retail shop, this job title could have been simplified to Retail Assistant. Whereas in a bank, it could be changed to Customer Experience Specialist.

Consider your audience and the type of language they are using. If it doesn’t make sense to you – it won’t resonate with anyone else.

7. Advertising platforms

Indeed, LinkedIn and Total Jobs are all examples of websites where you can post a job advertisement.

But which one is the most effective?

The answer to this question will depend on the size of your company, your audience, and the role you are advertising.

Generally speaking, Indeed is the preferred option, as it allows candidates to search specific roles that match their skills.

However, LinkedIn is a great option to further connect with your community, allowing you to foster better relationships with potential candidates. You can also vary the spending of your budget, meaning it is a cheaper alternative.

When considering what platform to use, consider working with your communications team to increase the reach of your job adverts. Simply adding an advert isn’t enough – you need to be sharing this on social media, in your newsletters and with your network.

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