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How to Write an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) For Your Business

An employer value proposition is a business's unique set of values and benefits. It should be used to help existing employees and future candidates understand what it's like to work for your company.

How to Write an Employer Value Proposition (EVP) For Your Business


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An employer value proposition is an important aspect of every business profile, helping you to attract and retain top talent.

But let’s face it, knowing exactly where to begin can be confusing. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to understand an EVP’s meaning and how you can use it to benefit your brand.

What is an Employer Value Proposition?

An Employer Value Proposition is a business's unique set of values and benefits that make up the employer brand.

For example, if you are an IT solutions company, benefits may include flexible working, competitive pay, and the opportunity to be recognised as a thought leader.

An EVP helps you to sell yourself as an employer to both employees and candidates, as well as explain why your business is a great place to work.

As a rule, if you can’t think of 5 good reasons why someone should choose your business over someone else’s, then you shouldn’t be surprised if you’re not retaining talent.

Writing an EVP

An EVP has a unique purpose in describing who you are as a business. It should be a statement that describes:

• What your company can offer. • Why people choose you. • The goal for your company. • What an employee should expect.

Before writing this, you should consider your core values as a business and the goal you are trying to achieve. When you write an EVP that’s personal to you, you’ll attract candidates that reflect this.

An example of this could be ‘growing the pipeline of IT specialists’ or ‘providing IT solutions to thousands of businesses if you are an IT company. Other examples include:

• We combine the power of data, technology, creativity, and strategy to navigate your journey ahead. We are the digital agency of the future driving performance beyond today. – Mediaworks • Opencast is a highly skilled and fast-growing technology consultancy. What makes Opencast different are the qualities of our people, which underpin the values we embrace and the way we work as a team. - Opencast

Identifying Your Unique Selling Point

Your unique selling point (USP) is essential to building your employer’s value proposition. It helps to explain the offer you bring to the table and the problem you intend to solve.

A great way to learn more about the USP of your business is to create audience profiles. For example, one prospect could be a student if you’re an online coding platform.

Once you identify how your business can help a few types of demographics, then your USP should become clear.

You can use your USP to help you understand more about your employer value proposition and how you can set yourself apart from other competitors.

Below are some factors to consider when writing your EVP:

#1 - Working Environment

If you have a great office, then you should shout about it! Whether that’s choice of high-range computers and equipment, share the great things that make your office shine.

A great working environment doesn’t just mean a fancy office, however. It can mean creating a space for collaboration and a supportive team.

These days, employees don’t just come into the office to work. They want to feel valued and appreciated. Let them know why you care.

#2 - Culture

Culture in a workplace is a very important factor. It helps to attract the right type of candidates, ensuring anyone who joins can fit right in.

It could be that you have a flexible approach to work - let others know what it’s like to work for you. When it comes to hiring, it should attract people that fit the mould.

#3 - Career Progression

What are the career opportunities for people in the company? This can translate to the expected progression an employee can make.

When someone new joins, is it clear how they can progress and succeed? Is it a stable career?

Companies that give employees opportunities to progress may see a significant boost in engagement and productivity. This will give employees a sense of purpose in their new role and added responsibility.

#4 - Strengths

One of the best ways to identify your selling point as a company is to identify your strengths. It might be a good idea to send out an anonymous survey, asking employees about the strengths of the company.

If you’re a CEO or manager, it’s important to ask all employees what they think of the company.

The focus of these questions should talk on why an employee decided to choose your company, why they are still working there and if they would recommend your company to someone else.

#5 - Weaknesses

Weaknesses are just as important as strengths.

The purpose of this task is to identify where your company doesn’t fit the mould. Rather than pretending to be someone you’re not, avoid sharing these statements about your company or giving a false representation to a potential candidate.

Staying true to your values and vision is key when writing an employer value proposition, so it’s always good to identify the type of brand messaging you want to steer away from.

Why Does an Employer Value Proposition Matter?

After reading this, you might be wondering what the purpose of an EVP is and how it will help your company.

Firstly, taking time to investigate your employer’s value proposition framework will allow you to understand more about your company, your values and further differentiate you from competitors.

Doing so will allow you to act as a magnet for new talent and help to retain current employees. This boosts the strain on recruitment and increases proactive candidate approaches.

In today’s market, standing out is essential. Candidates now have more choices than ever, meaning the pressure is higher than ever for future employers.

Take time to speak to people in your team and get to know your company from the inside out. Then, you can start working on your EVP.

Develop An Effective Employer Value Proposition

If you’re an employer that is looking to stand out from the crowd, take advantage of the latest research and receive tailored support, we are here to help.

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