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How Saiesh Secured a Role as Junior Engineer with Tech Talent Engine

Learn how Saiesh found a role through Tech Talent Engine after he attended a careers event at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

How Saiesh Secured a Role as Junior Engineer with Tech Talent Engine


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After attending a careers event at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland, Saiesh was keen to embark on his journey in the tech landscape.

It was at a careers event where Saiesh met Caroline, who gave an excellent overview of Tech Talent Engine and its offerings.

As someone who was actively looking for roles in the North East of England, Saiesh was aware of the competition up against him. However, keen to make an impression, Saiesh continued to persevere.

With the help of Tech Talent Engine, this ultimately led to him finding a role.

What is your experience of using the platform?

Tech Talent Engine provided tailored tech vacancies for me by answering a few questions and helped me get an overview of the jobs I was interested in.

What is your career background and what was your main reason for using Tech Talent Engine?

I have 1.5 years of work experience as a developer. As a recent master's graduate actively seeking tech jobs, my main reason for using Tech Talent Engine was to use this platform to connect with potential tech employers in the North East.

How did Tech Talent Engine help you achieve your goal?

Tech Talent Engine connected me with my current employer, Inflo, a company I wasn't previously aware of. This connection was instrumental in landing my current position as a Junior Test Engineer. Moreover, attending their meetups expanded my network.

These events allowed me to meet industry professionals and learn about new opportunities. Caroline also reviewed my CV and provided crucial feedback on my action plans.

Do you have any advice for others?

If you haven't used this platform yet, you should give it a try to enhance your job search. I highly recommend Tech Talent Engine to anyone seeking tech jobs, especially in the North East. The platform offers a tailored search experience that makes your job hunt more efficient and targeted.

Additionally, the in-person events and team support provided by Tech Talent Engine create a more personal and effective job search experience compared to the overwhelming number of ads on other platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed.

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