Copy Writer

Copy Writer

The job responsibilities of a copywriter can include brainstorming and creating concepts for advertisements and marketing campaign, often working in partnership with a graphic designer writing copy for various formats and media, pitching ad and marketing campaign concepts to clients or company decision-makers.

A copywriter writes copy for websites, landing pages, Facebook adverts, emails and social media with a purpose to convince people to take action: sign up for a newsletter, register for a webinar or make a purchase.

Key skills

A high level of English language skills are a must for a Copy Writer as well as a keen an eye for detail

It is expected that a copy writer has a wide vocabulary, great research and listening skills with the ability to appreciate different points of view.

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Copy Writer FAQs

What progression opportunities are available from a role as a copy writer?

Working as a scopy writer could allow you to progress to a range of roles which could include expanding your skills to include more technical elements or to manage teams or departments.

What is the average salary for a copy writer?

The average salary for a copy writer in the North East in 2022 was £24,090.

Do I need a degree to become a copy writer?

Although the understanding gained in a relevant degree would be a great starting point for a copy writer role there are a wealth of opportunities available to train outside of this including online courses which could allow you to start your career without a degree.

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