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National Apprenticeship Week: Exploring pathways to recruitment with Baltic Apprenticeships

For National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with Baltic Apprenticeships to discuss how employers can utilise apprenticeships to solve recruitment issues.

National Apprenticeship Week: Exploring pathways to recruitment with Baltic Apprenticeships


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Recruiting highly skilled and talented staff is a challenge many employers in the tech sector continue to face.

The increasing reliance on technology in workplaces has given rise to a shortage of essential skills within organisations. Projections indicate that the global output is expected to surpass 463 exabytes by 2025, intensifying the struggle many employers face in overcoming this challenge.

This scarcity presents various complications, hindering growth, impeding the achievement of targets, and making it difficult to attract top-tier talent.

According to statistics by Oxford Learning College, an estimated 20% of the workforce in the UK will be under-skilled for their jobs by 2030, with two-thirds of large UK businesses expressing difficulties in recruiting employees possessing the required skills.

So, how can employers overcome this challenge?

One strategy employers can use to increase the talent pool within the organisation is to incorporate apprenticeship programmes. In light of National Apprenticeship Week, we sat down with Baltic Apprenticeships to explore the various pathways employers can leverage to recruit and upskill their staff.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a paid job that offers on-the-job training. As an apprentice, you’ll work alongside staff, gain key skills and earn a wage alongside your studies.

There are different levels to an apprenticeship, ranging from Degree Level, which is equivalent to a bachelor’s or master’s Degree, to Intermediate, equivalent to GCSE.

Utilising the Apprenticeship Levy: What is the apprenticeship levy and how much of it can employers’ access?

The Apprenticeship Levy is a government initiative introduced in the United Kingdom in April 2017. The Levy is a tax imposed on businesses across England with an annual pay bill of over £3 million.

This scheme aims to encourage organisations to use apprenticeship programmes to futureproof their teams by hiring new talent and upskilling or reskilling their existing team through professional development apprenticeships.

The Levy is collected by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) through PAYE, just like tax and National Insurance, and employers can access funds through the Digital Apprenticeship Service (DAS) to pay for apprenticeship training and End Point Assessment costs.

The Apprenticeship Levy aims to encourage more employers to invest in apprenticeships to address skills gaps, improve workforce productivity, and provide people with valuable training and employment opportunities.

What tech apprenticeships do Baltic Apprenticeships offer?

Baltic Apprenticeships is a national apprenticeship training provider that specialises in IT, software development, data analysis and digital marketing. With over 1500+ apprentices currently on their career journey with them, they have a longstanding reputation in the region for delivering exceptional results.

They currently offer the following tech apprenticeships:

Level 4 Programmes:

Level 3 Programmes:

What is the structure of learning?

The structure of an apprenticeship involves a combination of work-based learning and classroom learning, meaning apprentices will be based with their employer full-time whilst completing training during working hours.

At Baltic Apprenticeships, training is delivered online through its SMART Classroom. Depending on the programme, attendance is two days of training in the classroom every 6 to 8 weeks.

The SMART Classroom is Baltic Apprenticeships online training platform which blends lectures, hands-on practice, and real-time coach interaction to create a stimulating and successful learning environment.

Apprentices can log into the SMART Classroom from anywhere with an internet connection, meaning training can be completed from the office or remotely.

During the training days, apprentices will focus on a specific knowledge module to help them build skills and technical knowledge alongside other apprentices. Technical training days are complemented by one-to-one sessions with a Programme Coach, workplace projects and competency workshops.

With flexibility in mind, Baltic Apprenticeships understand every business, workplace and job role is different. As a result, every programme includes a Skills Expansion Pack to nurture the digital skills organisations require and allow apprentices to gain relevant skills to become industry experts.

The Skills Expansion Packs mean that apprenticeship programmes can be tailored and personalised to suit individual roles, goals, and business needs.

How does an apprenticeship help to solve recruitment issues?

While the North East of England is home to over 71,000 companies in the region, recruitment remains a large challenge for business leaders and firms.

Utilising the apprenticeship levy can be a valuable solution to address recruitment issues for several reasons:

  • Skills development – Apprenticeships provide a structured framework, allowing apprentices to gain the specific skills needed within your organisation.
  • Customised training – Employers can customise training programmes to match industry-specific requirements.
  • Cost-effective – Apprenticeships can be a cost-effective way for employers to recruit and train new talent.
  • Retention – Apprentices who have invested time and effort into a programme feel a higher sense of loyalty and commitment.

Why work with Baltic Apprenticeships?

Baltic Apprenticeships have a long-standing reputation in the North East of England as a tech and digital skills training provider. As the largest independent training provider in England, they put themselves in every customer's shoes to deliver a truly personal experience for every apprentice and employer.

With an Ofsted Outstanding review in August 2023, they are on a mission to revolutionise the landscape of tech education and workforce development.

From day one, every apprentice has access to the Baltic Community. This is a space where they can get to know others who are on the same journey as them and build meaningful connections.

It’s the reason why 97% of learners pass their apprenticeship and they continue to achieve outstanding results each year.

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