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Preparing for Results Day: A Level & GCSE's

Results Day is a widely anticipated event for many students across the UK. Although it's an exciting milestone in your education, it's often a nerve-wracking day. Here's how you can best prepare.

Preparing for Results Day: A Level & GCSE's


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GCSE and A Level Results Day is an eagerly awaited event for many students across the country, marking a crucial milestone in your educational journey.

For those who are wanting to continue their professional career or education, this day holds particular significance, as the results obtained can impact future career prospects.

Here’s how you can fight the nerves and prepare ahead of results day. That way, no matter what grades you get, the next stages in your career can be a smooth process.

When is results day?

  • GCSE results day is Thursday 24 August

  • A Level results day Thursday 17th August & VTQ’s BTEC etc

How to prepare for the big day:

Let’s explore how you can prepare for results day, ensuring a smooth transition into the next stage of your career or education.

1. Reflect on your career goals

As results day approaches, take the time to reflect on your career aspirations in life. Consider the specific roles you are interested in, your passions in life, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if you are particularly passionate about careers in tech, then consider the different career pathways you could take, such as cyber security, IT support or web development.

Truth is, you don’t need to have your entire career figured out. As long as you have an understanding of the types of things you enjoy doing, you can make small steps towards the next stage in your journey.

2. Research available pathways

If you haven’t already, explore the various pathways available to you post-results day.

Most importantly, plan for worst-case scenario and best-case scenario options, so you can formulate a plan.

Even if you don’t get the results you want, you can understand the pathways that are available to you right now, such as university, apprenticeships, or work experience.

Research the different entry requirements for each option you are interested in and ensure that your expected grades meet the criteria.

3. Post-results day plan

For A Level students, results day may involve going through the clearing or adjustment process if you don’t receive your expected grades or wish to change your course or university.

Familiarise yourself with these processes and have alternative options in mind, including tech-related courses and institutions that offer late vacancies.,

Similarly, for GCSE students, consider your options after school. Is it an apprenticeship, college, or employment?

4. Stay positive and open-minded

Remember, results day is just one step in your journey towards a successful career. If your results don’t go as planned, stay positive and always believe in yourself.

Plenty of successful people changed careers and pivoted throughout their life. Enjoy the journey and be open to exploring alternative paths.

With dedication and perseverance, you can carve a successful path into the dynamic world of work.

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Awaiting results day is a nerve-wracking process, no matter what grades you are expected to achieve.

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