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Tech Talent Engine: A Year in Review

It's been one year of Tech Talent Engine! So, what have we learned? From our personal milestones to partnering with local employers, let's recap everything we have learned so far.

Tech Talent Engine: A Year in Review


Tech Talent Engine


As we celebrate 12 months of Tech Talent Engine, a jobs platform dedicated to individuals looking for tech roles, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey and celebrate the milestones that have defined our impact.

Over the past year, we have been committed to bridging the gap between talent opportunities and the skills gap.

Whether it’s speaking to businesses, individuals looking for jobs or education providers, we are passionate about supporting the North East tech community.

Tech Talent Engine has taught us a few key lessons – our region is an area of innovation, excitement and opportunity. Looking forward, we are excited at the prospect of new opportunities on the horizon and a year of challenging boundaries.

But first, let’s reflect on the key moments that have defined 2023.

Our milestones:

1. 75 people supported into jobs

As part of the North of Tyne Combined Authority’s (NTCA) £10m Digital Growth and Innovation Programme, Tech Talent Engine aims to support hundreds of businesses and employees.

The programme aims to support 150 people into jobs, support 100 businesses and support academic and training organisations with relevant training.

So far, we are pleased to announce that have helped 75 people into employment through Tech Talent Engine.

2. 600+ users on the engine

Whether at career events, attending schools or people coming across our website, we’ve engaged with over 600 individuals on the platform. registered an account with us.

Looking at the statistics, the most popular career family was Technology Solutions (21%) then User Research and Relationships (20%), and finally Digitial Communications (10%). Additionally, 45% of users are looking for jobs as soon as possible.

3. 50 businesses with a profile

Whether partnering with tech industry leaders such as Sage, Accenture and Opencast or collaborating with marketing agencies such as Mediaworks and O Agency, we take pride in the diverse array of employers we work with.

This vibrant community includes thought leaders and accomplished role models, fostering an environment that challenges conventional working norms and serves as an exemplary model for the broader nation.

From the innovative four-day workweek embraced by Atom Bank to the cutting-edge technological advancements at Sumo Newcastle, our region is home to extraordinary individuals and pioneering solutions.

4. Sponsors

When we launched Tech Talent Engine, we were fortunate enough to have support from sponsors including Newcastle University, Mediaworks, tombola and Opencast.

Since then, we’ve welcomed NHSBSA, CyberNorth and South Tyneside Council. Going forward into 2024, we are looking to partner with more organisations to reach our ambitious goals.

Jill Mckinney, Director of Service Delivery at Sunderland Software City and a Director at Dynamo, leads the project. Jill adds,

Tech Talent Engine bridges the gap between what education delivers, what businesses of the future need and student attitudes towards viable career opportunities.

We are so excited about the future of this project. After seeing the positive response so far, we can’t wait for more people to get involved.

So, what have we learned?

The North East is a tech hub

With the success of Tech Talent Engine, Tech NExt and other great opportunities in the region, it proves one undeniable fact – the North East is a remarkable tech hub.

As a world leader in digital and tech, not only do we have access to a highly skilled workforce and an impressive cohort of businesses, but we also enjoy a thriving ecosystem that fosters innovation, collaboration and continuous growth.

With access to businesses such as Sage, Enigma Interactive, NHSBSA and Opencast Software, the North East is a catalyst for innovation and investment.

Working together, always

Over the past year, we’ve worked with organisations of all sizes. From tech champions such as Sage, Accenture and Opencast to SMEs such as Layers Studio and GigPig, every organisation is facing a unique challenge.

To enable us to continue moving forward, it requires a collaborative effort to ensure no one falls behind.

Tech Talent Engine plays a unique role in helping to start a conversation around tech and bridge the gap between employers, education providers and candidates who are looking for a job.

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