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The Inclusive North Shields Coworking Space - Common Fiction

Common Fiction is an inclusive co working space in North Shields. It brings together opportunity, friendship and collaboration every day.

The Inclusive North Shields Coworking Space - Common Fiction


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If you could design your ideal working environment, what would it look like?

After feeling dissatisfied by the mundanity of corporate offices, this is the question Andrew Bowers asked himself in 2022.

Founder of Common Fiction, an inclusive co working space in North Shields, Andrew wanted to create a space where people can feel inspired by their environment, as well as collaborate with others in the region.

After recognising the scarcity of this type of space on the market, Andrew decided to make this idea a reality in 2022 and together, with his wife Jade, set the ground running for Common Fiction.

What is Common Fiction?

Common Fiction is a built-for-purpose co working space designed for freelancers, remote workers, and solo-preneurs.

Born out of the frustrations of working in an uninspiring work environment, Common Fiction is slowly changing attitudes towards work and is cultivating creativity and collaboration.

Opened in April 2022, the office is decorated with comfort in mind and steers clear from your typical working environment.

With pink splash back walls and plants across the office, you get the feeling this is so much more than just a co-working space. It’s a place for people to relax, tune out and enjoy whatever projects you’re working on.

As a relatively new space, it’s had a huge impact on the community. Many regulars return each week, bringing friends and co workers.

Why do you have to hate work? It doesn’t have to be that way. I believe you produce the best work when you’re happy and it’s great that we have a space where people can enjoy the day.

With an array of co-working desks across both floors, Common Fiction attracts workers from all backgrounds. From designers to developers and solopreneurs, anyone can enjoy this space at a price of £15 per day, a short fee in comparison to many other central offices.

You have the flexibility to come and go as you please. But you also get the benefit of being a part of our community, where many are working on the same project. It’s an inspiring work environment.

Building a Community

When Andrew and Jade first opened Common Fiction, it operated on a membership basis. This contributed towards the running costs of the building, as well as ensuring they attract the right type of people.

Just recently, they decided to drop the prices even further to cater to all types of demographics, ensuring anyone can visit the space.

As a not-for-profit organisation, all fees go straight into the maintenance of the space and upkeep. This community-first approach has allowed them to connect with many members and form long-term friendships.

We’ve made friends from this. People come in and see that it’s not just a workplace but it’s a community too.

Networking is another positive advantage of the space, as many copywriters and website developers have collaborated on projects together.

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We wanted to make sure it was a space away from any kind of judgment.

Common Fiction aim to create a space that is inclusive of all genders, backgrounds, and demographics. This inclusive approach is adopted across their language, how they operate and the types of people they seek to attract and, more importantly, push away.

It’s a terrifying world we live in. We wanted to create a safe space where people can come without feeling judged or isolated.

This allows people to visit the space without feeling they must look or dress a certain way. The only rules are - respect each other, clean up after yourselves and enjoy the space.

An Increase in Productivity

When Andrew and Jade set out to build Common Fiction, they wanted to create a space where people can be their most productive.

They believe in working on a project basis, rather than your average 9-5 job. Common Fiction is a perfect reflection of this, allowing people to go and go as they please.

In their eyes, they believe this allows employees to fully recharge and return to work more productive.

A hybrid approach to work allows many employees to get the benefit of a space like this, whilst also work from home and perhaps go into the office a couple days a week.


It’s not just a co working that this space is renowned for, Common Fiction is open to events and functions too.

From painting workshops to pizza parties, Mexican cook outs and networking events, they have a steady calendar of fun events. Recently hosting a pre party for DJ Man Power, this creative space is being recognised by all types of customers, from creatives to CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

Whether you want to host a seminar, staff party or workshop, Andrew recommends that you get in touch at to discuss how they can make this possible for you.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from this article, it’s that co working spaces like these are going to become more common in 2023.

If you’re an employer that is struggling to get employees back in the office, consider looking at improving your space to make it more attractive - you may see a change in employees.

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