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The Most-in-Demand Roles in 2023 – A Review

With technology on the rise, we've seen a decrease in admin-focused jobs, such as data entry clerks and factory workers. But what does this mean for the future of the job landscape?

The Most-in-Demand Roles in 2023 – A Review


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Last week, the world’s largest professional network on the internet, LinkedIn, revealed the 25 fastest-growing job titles in the UK.

After reviewing job trends over the last five years, they revealed their predictions for the year ahead. From salary comparison to the demand for flexible work, it’s clear that employers are now under more pressure than ever to keep up.

But in a digital landscape where technology is advancing at a rapid rate, we are all wondering the same thing. What is the future of work in 2023?

Jobs on the Rise

Since 2010, we have seen a rise in start-ups and remote working jobs.

The pandemic, especially, captured the values of our workforce, with many proving to their employers that they can be just as productive, if not more when working from home.

As commutes to work were reduced, this extra availability allowed people to spend more precious time with their families. Now that many workers have adjusted to working in the office again, how will the job landscape look in 2023?

Let’s explore these high-demand roles in detail.

#1 - Customer Success Consultant

A customer success consultant works to improve processes in a company to ensure a product is the best it can be.

This can involve working with customers to ensure they are receiving the tools and support they need.

Career family: User Research & Relationships

#2 – Sustainability Manager

A sustainability manager uses data to drive decisions in a business regarding sustainability.

They evaluate the impact of a project and implement appropritate sustainability strategies.

Career family: Data & Insights

#3 – Sales Development Representative

A sales development representative is responsible for driving sales in a business. This can include emails, newsletters, social media marketing and cold outreach.

Career family: Digital Communication

#4- Chief Growth Officer

A chief growth officer leads the company’s growth, including managing staff, retention and brand awareness.

Career family: User Research & Relationship

#5 – Enterprise Account Executive

An enterprise account executive manages relationships with clients and stakeholders.

This includes email communication and investing new ways to improve their brand.

Career family: User Research & Relationships

#6 – Growth Marketing Manager

A growth marketing manager is responsible for driving overall growth.

This involves increasing revenue, incorporating marketing campaigns and improving existing customer relationships.

Career family: User Research & Relationships

#7 – Cloud Engineer

Cloud engineers take charge of a company’s cloud computing services. This can include maintenance and support, planning and design.

Career family: Technology Solution

#8 – Business Development Representative

A business development representative drives leads and opportunities in a business.

They conduct research, develop relationships with stakeholders and promote the organisation.

Career family: User Research & Relationships

#9 – Chief People Officer

A chief people officer oversees the people within the organisation.

They are responsible for the HR department and help to improve staff development and retention.

Career family: User Research & Relationships

#10 – Data Science Manager

Data science managers work with data to improve organisations and provide solutions.

Career family: Data & Insights

#11 – Site Reliability Engineer

A site reliability focuses on a company’s IT operational challenges.

Using software systems and automated solutions, they develop coding analysis and monitoring systems.

Career family: IT Operation

#12 – Data Engineer

A data engineer brings together information across a business and builds data products.

Career family: Data & Insights

#13 – Security Operations Centre Analyst

Security operations centre analysts protect organisations from cyber threats.

Career family: IT Operation

#14 – Workplace Coordinator

A workplace coordinator supports a team, such as responding to messages, queries and requests.

Career family: Digital Communication

#15 – Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer uses IT to design artificial intelligence (AI) models.

Career family: IT Operation

#16 – Import Coordinator

Important coordinators manage the transport of goods between countries. They manage the delivery, ensuring goods comply with customs regulations.

Career family: User Research & Relationship

#17 – Cable Technician

A cable technician maintains cable services for customers.

Career family: N/A

#18– Software Engineer

Software engineers create computing programs and work on software.

Career family: IT Operation

#19 – Renewal Manager

Renewal managers help with a company’s renewal and invoicing process. This involves contacting customers for accurate invoicing, as well as ensuring they renew their service.

Career family: User Research & Relationship

#20 – Product Analyst

Product analysts complete research on market data to ensure a company matches its target audience and demographics.

Career family: Data & Insights

#21 – Private Equity Associate

Private equity associates monitor the performance of companies, as well as analyse and track data for potential investment opportunities.

Career family: Data & Insights

#22 – Head of Rewards

Head of rewards collaborates with management to incorporate reward schemes for employees to keep them productive and engaged.

Career family: User Research & Relationship

#23 - Data Governance Manager

A data governance manager ensures the protection of the data a company holds. This involves incorporating policies and procedures to ensure data is protected against attacks.

Career family: Data & Insights

#24 – Risk Management Associate

A risk management associate develops practices to analyse market risks. Using this information, they develop a framework to adapt to market problems and manage financial risks.

Career family: User Research & Relationship

#25 - Product Operations Manager

Product operations managers collect and manage data, select software tools and create standards and best practices for internal teams.

To ensure smooth collaboration, they work with product developers and engineers.

Career family: Data & Insights.


Despite the rise of technology, demand for roles involving research, data and technology is still prominent.

Out of the 25 roles above, five career families were outlined:

The most popular career family was User Research & Relationships, with 10 roles fitting under this category.

Perhaps this can be pinpointed to the rise of online marketing, as many brands have recognised the need for an online presence. Thus, this has led to great investment in marketing teams and support staff to help elevate their business and profile.

Data and insights followed closely after, with 6 roles in this category. Some of these roles include engineer and products analysts, which demonstrates the need for individuals with strong attention to detail and the ability to problem-solve.

Technology Needs People

If there is one overriding takeaway, it is that technology depends on people.

In a comparable way to a car not working without a driver, technology doesn’t exist without intelligence and the industry needs people to help drive this change forward.

After reading this article, we hope it’s clear that anyone can start a career in digital, no matter your skills.

If you’re wondering what career family you fit into and whether you can consider any of the roles above, take advantage of our free skills quiz today and sign up to the Tech Talent Engine!

A career in digital is just around the corner.

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