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Top High-Paying Tech Jobs (Who Are Hiring Now)

The field of technology presents an enticing career prospect for numerous individuals, with increasing interest driven by factors such as attractive compensation, flexible work arrangements, and a robust community. Competitive pay, in particular, stands out as a compelling draw. In this blog, we explore the top 10 well-paying tech positions and discover their earning potential.

Top High-Paying Tech Jobs (Who Are Hiring Now)


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Tech careers are starting to gain momentum, with approximately 6.3% of the entire UK workforce in this sector. A career in tech offers various opportunities for professionals, including flexible working, networking opportunities and career progression.

If succeeding in this sector is what you hope to achieve, then read more to learn about the top highest-paying jobs in tech.

But firstly, let’s be clear on one thing.

Make sure to do your research

Although salary is an important aspect of any role, it should not be the sole factor when looking for a new job.

Other factors such as a positive work environment, growth opportunities, healthy work-life balance and company values are some examples of other factors to consider.

Ultimately, what decides how well-paid a job is falls to its demand and expertise. So, if you’re looking to become an expert in a chosen path, then here are some of the highest-paying tech jobs.

1. Data Solutions Architect

A Data Solutions Architect plays a critical role in designing and implementing data-related solutions within an organisation. This role requires a combination of technical expertise, an understanding of a business requirement and the ability to create scalable and efficient data architectures.

For example, they may be involved in determining the most effective and efficient methods for storing and retrieving data, considering factors such as data volume, access patterns and performance requirements.

The demand for professionals with expertise in this field has grown significantly as organisations increasingly rely on data for strategic decision-making. Currently, there remains a shortage of data solutions architects, leading to higher wages.

Additionally, the demand for skilled data professionals is not limited to a specific geographic location. Data Solutions Architects who can work on a global scale may command higher salaries.

The average salary in the UK for a Data Solutions Architect is between £60,000 to £88,000.

2. Insights Analyst

An Insight Analyst works to help organisations extract valuable insights from data to support decision-making within an organisation. This includes:

  • Analysing data.
  • Creating reports and dashboards for teams.
  • Providing actionable recommendations to help businesses improve their performance.

Additionally, Insights Analysts may collaborate with cross-functional teams to define key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends and patterns in data and develop strategies for optimising processes.

The skill set required for effective data analysis, interpretation and presentation of insights is relatively scarce, hence the high salary. Often, organisations are willing to offer higher salaries to attract and retain individuals with the analytical, statistical and technical skills needed for the role.

The average salary in the UK for an Insights Analyst is between £37,000 to £55,000.

3. Software Engineer Manager

A Software Engineer Manager designs and executes software engineering applications, including managing a team of software engineers, product managers and quality assurance departments.

Their primary role is to ensure that the team delivers high-quality software products on time and within budget. The specific duties and responsibilities of a Software Engineering Manager may vary depending on the organisation but includes leadership, technical guidance, strategic planning any effective communication.

In this role, their position usually comes with high responsibility and manager-level duties.

The average salary in the UK for a Software Engineer Manager in the UK is £100,000.

4. Mobile applications developer

A Mobile Applications Developer creates applications for smartphones and other mobile devices. This includes using programming languages and development in a range of different environments.

Given how complex this role is, app developers are typically well-paid and relied upon by many others in an organisation. Below are some of the basic responsibilities of an app developer:

  • Evaluating existing applications and updating them to meet current requirements.
  • Debugging code and source code testing.
  • Creating user interfaces from wireframe models.

The average salary of an App Developer in the UK is between £37,500 and £60,000.

5. AI engineer

Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineers help to build AI models using a range of machine learning algorithms.

The world of AI is changing at a rate faster than we can keep up with, so individuals pursuing this career path can expect to become technical experts, making decisions that affect the entire organisation.

As a result, to become successful in this career path you should hold a strong understanding of programming and software engineering.

Salaries for this role vary depending on the size and type of industry. For example, heavily funded sectors such as Fintech and e-commerce are more likely to offer progressive career salaries due to their reliance on AI.

The average salary of an AI Engineer in the UK is between £40,000 and £70,000.

6. Cloud Solutions Architect

A Cloud Solutions Architect is an IT specialist involved in creating and developing cloud storage management systems. The primary goal is to ensure that the cloud infrastructure meets the business and technical requirements of the company.

As organisations increasingly undergo digital transformation, architects play a critical role in designing, implementing and managing complex, scalable and secure architectures. The decisions made by Cloud Solutions Architects have a direct impact on the efficiency, performance and security of an organisations IT infrastructure.

The high demand for the specialised skills of a Cloud Solutions Architect often surpasses the available talent pool, resulting in a skills gap. This dynamic increases competition, leading to higher salaries for this role.

With a high responsibility for global projects and an organisation's strategic direction, experienced Cloud Solutions Architects bring a wealth of expertise.

The average salary of a Cloud Solutions Architect in the UK is between £80,000 and £90,000.

7. Quantum Computing Scientist

A Quantum Computing Scientist is a professional who specialises in the field of quantum computing, an area of study that leverages the principles of quantum mechanics to process information in ways fundamentally different from classical computing.

This role encompasses a wide range of activities, from pioneering new quantum algorithms to collaborating on the development of quantum hardware components. With responsibilities spanning research, development and experimentation, these professionals play a crucial role in advancing the theoretical foundations of quantum computing and translating them into practical applications.

The scarcity of individuals possessing specialised knowledge for this field is a key factor that contributes to the high demand for their skills.

Quantum Computing Scientists often collaborate with industry partners, bringing their expertise to sectors such as cryptography, optimisation, materials science and artificial intelligence.

The average salary for a Quantum Computing Specialist in the UK is £35,000.

8. Network Architect

A Network Architect is a highly respected role, responsible for designing and planning computer networks. This role involves creating the overall structure of an organisation's data communication systems, ensuring that the network infrastructure meets the business requirements and functions effectively.

Network Architects work with various technologies, such as routers, switches, firewalls and other networking components to build robust and scalable network solutions.

This role often involves designing and managing the backbone of an organisation's IT systems. Any downtime or security breach can have significant consequences for the business, making the role high-stakes and justifying higher compensations.

The average salary of a Network Architect in the UK is between £90,000 - £100,000.

9. Full stack developer

A Full Stack Developer is a professional who possesses the skills and knowledge to work on both the front-end and back-end aspects of web development. The term “full stack” refers to the entire technology stack involved in a web application, including the client-side (front end) and server-side (back-end).

Professionals in this role often fulfil multiple roles, reducing the need for hiring specialised front-end and back-end developers separately. The demand for professionals who can bridge the gap between front-end and back-end development remains high, leading to large wages.

Given a developer's involvement in various aspects of a project, the impact of their work on the user experience, performance and functionality of an application can justify higher compensation.

Much like many other roles in tech, salary levels for a Full Stack Developer can vary based on factors such as location, experience, industry and the specific technologies they work with.

The average salary of a Full Stack Developer in the UK is between £50,000 - £100,000.

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