Marketing Executive

Marketing Executive

A Marketing Executive is responsible for promoting a company both digitally and via any other relevant medium. They shape the voice and messaging of a brand and then promote this via their chosen channels to better engage their stakeholders and clients with the work they do. They often also work on internal communications to ensure the messages being circulated around the business internally are in line with their chosen messaging.

Key skills

Marketing Executives need to have strong creative writing skills. They need to communicate across a range of mediums and to different audiences so need the ability to adapt easily to changing priorities and targets.

The technical requirements for this role will usually involve content management software, visual design programmes, and an understanding of SEO analysis.

Latest opportunities

Paid Search Consultant


We are looking for a driven and experienced Paid Search Consultant to join our growing team.

Head of Social


Are you a creative social content strategist with an analytical mind? An Instagram innovator, a Facebook fanatic, a TikTok early adopter and have a passion for the latest trends and channels?

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Marketing Executive FAQs

Do I need a degree to become a marketing executive?

Although the understanding gained in a relevant degree would be a great starting point for a marketing executive role there are a wealth of opportunities available to train outside of this including online courses which could allow you to start your career without a degree.

What progression opportunities are available from a marketing executive role?

From a marketing executive role there are a number of opportunities you could choose to follow to progress your career. You could choose to develop your technical knowledge and progress your skills or progress into managing teams or departments.

What is the average salary for a marketing executive?

The average salary for a marketing executive in the North East in 2022 was £35,476.

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